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AA1V - Don Mikes
AA1V - Don MikesChief
Don was first licensed in 1959 as KN4KVP, and has managed to achieve #1 Honor Roll, 5BWAZ, DXCC on 9 bands (over 300 entities on each band except 160m), with 356 total. He enjoys DXing and contesting, and is a member of YCCC, CWops, K1USN radio club, NCDXF and ARRL. Now retired, he does volunteer work for marathons and other local events, and has been a support volunteer for several dxpeditions, including a pilot for KH1/KH7Z and K4M .
JH8JWF - Eiki Satomi
JH8JWF - Eiki SatomiAS Pilot
I was licensed as JH8JWF in 1977, gaining invaluable experience in the amateur radio world through my participation in the WW DX CONTEST and three decades of expeditions to Madagascar (5R8AS). Professionally, I am active in the IT field, and my passion for technology and amateur radio led me to develop the CW simulator “HYPER DX.” I own a 3,300 square meter plot in the suburbs of Sapporo, where I have constructed 12 towers, establishing an advanced contest shack and remote station. My work seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with the timeless pursuit of radio communication.
CT1FPQ - Manuel
CT1FPQ - ManuelEU Pilot
Licensed in 1990
Interests: DX-Hunting, DXCC 317 Entities confirmed,contesting from home station,guess operator at CR6K, Motorcycle,Traveling with my wife Sally.

Preferred modes: SSB,CW,RTTY and FT8

If you need anything else from me let me know.
Wishing you guys a safe trip to the Island.
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