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N1DG - Donald R Greenbaum

N1DG - Donald R Greenbaum

Don is the co permit holder for Jarvis Island 2024 with AA7JV N1DG--Licensed since 1962
EX-WB2DND, A61AD (GUEST OP, QSL MGR), A52DG, /A71, C92DG, /VP8O, KH7Z, KH1/KH7Z, /KH4, /KH8, /KH9,  /BV, /VS6, ZS, /4X, /9V
Team member:  A52A, K4M, KH1/KH7Z, C82DX, VP8ORK, AL7EL/KH9
Pilot: VU7RG, 3Y0X, VK9ML, D68C, VK0IR, K8XP/KH9, 9M0C, ZK1XXP, ZL9CI
Webmaster: VP8ORK, K4M, BS7H, 3Y0X, K5K, A52A, VK0IR, 9M0C, ZK1XXP, WB2DND/KH9, BQ9P, ZL9CI
QSL Manager: A61AD, A61AO, A61X, A66A, A61AQ
2006 inductee into the CQ Magazine DX Hall of Fame DXCC  Challenge Total:  3192
Member: NCDXF, CWops, ARRL, DDXA, YCCC Founding member of the CW Operators Club (Member Nr. 2)


06 March 2024


The Local Operators Team
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