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José Nunes, CT1BOH

José Nunes, CT1BOH

José has been an amateur radio for 42 years since 1981 at the age of 15. Started has a DXer and soon got interested in pile-up management and Contesting. Worked all DXCC entities in eleven years and five months, holds DXCC Honor Roll #1 on SSB and Mixed modes and just misses P5 on CW. Has been a serving member of the CQ WW Contest Committee, involved in log checking and developed RUN/S&P algorithm used to help scrutinize CQWW packet usage. Developed AR Cluster V6 packet Cluster “CT1BOH quality tags” to flag and filter busted cluster callsigns. Has operated in 69 CQWW Contests since 1989 (CR2A, CT3T, KP2A, HC5M, 4M2BYT, PY0F, PY0FF, PT0F, P40E, SU2MT, KH7R, K5ZD, CQ9K, CT3EN, CT3NT, CR3A, CR3E, CR3OO, D41CV, D4C, CT1BOH) with many wins records and world rcords. Popularized “dit dit” at the end of contest QSOs in 2004 CQWW CW Contest from EA8ZS as a farewell to P40E operations and Emily P43E. Has been particularly interested in the development and sharing of SO2R and 2BSIQ techniques to maximize SOAB scores Lately has been particularly interested in FT8 PSK Reporter big data to help move from propagation prediction into real live propagation monitor to help better DX band conditions understanding, maximize optimum band and antenna selection in contests and improve DX-peditions schedule and target selection


27 June 2024


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